VIDEO: 7 Upcoming Electric Pickups Joining Tesla Cybertruck to Dictate the Towing Rules of Tomorrow

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As the interest towards electric vehicles growing among consumers, more and more manufacturers (not just start up companies) are trying to satisfy the demand and get into this segment of automobile production. As a result, battery-electric offerings started appearing in all segments; today we have electric sedans, hatchbacks, convertibles, buses and even supercars.

Until recently, the lowest number of EV representatives was in the pickup truck segment. Although there were great attempts of producing electric trucks by American companies called Bollinger and Rivian, this type of electric vehicles only started gaining attention after the presentation of Tesla Cybertruck. Elon Musk's creation has got everyone talking about the huge potential standing behind newest battery technologies and the use of electric motors to produce great towing capabilities.

In a very short time frame, Tesla Cybertruck managed to earn the title of the most polarizing electric vehicle in the history of automaking. If you check out the latest news, it won't be hard to get a feeling that it's the only EV everyone is talking about these days. Still we have to mention that the market of electric pickup trucks is developing pretty fast, and there are other players that should be covered. Here we will try to talk about all existing models, their main technical characteristics, estimated ranges under load and their importance for the future of automaking.

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