VIDEO: Best Driver’s Car Grand Prix

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Welcome to the inaugural Best Driver’s Car Grand Prix! For the first time ever, as part of the Best Driver’s Car competition, an international cast of MotorTrend talent from five different countries descend upon WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca to have themselves a little race. The rules are simple—the first car across the finish line after three laps wins! However, before a single wheel gets turned in anger, the competitors must compete in a little drift-off to determine who drives what. The bad news for five of the six competitors? One of the drifters is three-time Formula Drift champ Chris Forsberg! But the bad news for Forsberg and most of the others is that one of the racers is Randy Pobst, the man who has set more lap records at Laguna Seca than he can remember! You’re gonna love this international high-octane, wheel-to-wheel race.

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