VIDEO: 4x BMW E30 Brake Caliper [Restoration] - Gold Zinc Finish | BMW E30 325i Sport Restoration

BMW 325i RWD Repair
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PROCESS: Firstly I remove any brake pipes from the calipers. I then dismantled them completely. I then wash all of the pieces in the parts washer before plugging them with moldable plastic to protect against the blasting media in certain areas. I then blast all of the parts excluding the pistons. Once all of the grease, oil, dirt, and rust has been removed, It's time to zinc plate the main pieces. It took me three days to plate and passivate all of the parts including dry time. Whilst I was waiting for them to dry, I blasted the clips for the rear brakes and painted them in heat-proof black and clear coat. It was then time to put everything back together. I used a cool trick of putting the seal on the piston before installing it. This made life so much easier. The pistons should go in without any mechanical force. WIth the pistons back in I added the sliders and pads before finishing them off with new rubbers and bleed valve covers. The restoration was complete. 

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