VIDEO: Are High Performance Tires Worth It?

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It is almost universally accepted that tires are the best performance upgrade for a car aside from driver experience. However, as top tier performance tires get more extreme many of the issues outweigh some of the benefits for typical street cars and drivers. Often vehicle owners don't really need the best or most expensive tires on the market to enjoy their vehicle.


00:00 - 00:20 Intro

00:20 - 1:28 Understanding Basics of Heat Ranges in Tires

1:28 - 2:22 So Many Tires Make Things Complicated

2:22 - 3:20 Tires are Important, But Don't Over Buy

3:20 - 5:00 Extreme Summer Tires are Overkill for Most Street Cars

5:00 - 5:52 The Realities of Street Driving Extreme Tires

5:52 - 6:21 The Benefits of Extreme Tires

6:21 - The Mechanical Issues with Extreme Tires The Fine Print is a series of videos about the pros and cons of technology, cars and specific parts and practices.

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