How Do Self-Driving Cars Actually Work?

Tesla Engineering
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Tesla has just launched its new self-driving semi truck, and other companies like Google and Volvo are hot on their tails in the self-driving automobile industry. But how do these cars actually work?

Soon, we’ll all be Knight Rider. You know, the main character on that 80’s TV show of the same name about a crime fighting hero and his talking car. Crazy, you say? Well, we live in a crazy world: a place where the automobile is finally automated and the self-steering steering wheel could be just within our figurative grasp.

We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that previous generations had high hopes for what lay ahead. If you were to look at World’s Fairs and tech expos of 100, 50 and even 25 years ago, the industries of the past thought we’d be much further along than we are now. Just watch reruns of The Jetsons and you’ll see we’re nowhere near the flying cars and floating cities imagined by the animators of the 1960’s. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t taken technology insanely far in the time since the last industrial revolution. As a new period of massive change is upon us, it’s hard to really notice the huge advances occurring as we speak, from the tall cityscapes developing over our heads to the inner-data-spaces being explored by the phones in our pockets.

Sure, it’s scary. This technology could take away jobs from drivers and give machines more power than some ever thought possible. Even so, it’s interesting to see what’s actually true and what about these technological wonders has been exaggerated. Take off your blinders and let TheHub be your GPS as we guide you to the real story. This Is How Self-Driving Cars Actually Work.

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