The Right And Wrong Way to Do a Car Wash

Car Care
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We meet with Chicago Auto Pros owner to discuss the right and wrong ways to do a car wash. In This Fine Print Series, we discuss the basics, tips and tricks to do a proper hand wash in a safe way to prevent damage to a car or truck's paint. No matter the brand and model, Toyota Supra, Honda Accord, BMW, Mustang the video will aid in tackling a DIY wash for the average person.


00:00 - 3:23 The Basics of Hand Washing Wash
3:23 - 8:55 The How and Why of Supplies
8:55 - 13:57 Hoses, Pressure Washers, Buckets and Understanding Paint
13:57 - 19:23 Washing Techniques
19:23 - 20:46 Drying Techniques
20:46 Removing Bugs, Tar and Crap