VIDEO: How to Check & Measure Tire Tread Depth & Wear

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Ever wondered how you can check the tire tread wear or depth yourself? Well Autobytel recently caught up with a Toyo Tire Field Engineer as he gives us 2 different ways to check how much wear or life your tires have left.

Tires wear with use and the more the wear the more they lose traction. Bald tires are very unsafe to drive on, especially in wet road conditions. So how does one check tire tread depth? Well there is a simple way called the penny test. Take a penny, insert into the groove with Lincoln's head down, and if you cannot see the top of Lincoln's head then you have usable tread remaining. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head then that means the tires are below 2/32" tread depth then the tires need to be changed.

The next way is by using the tire wear indicator which is marked on the sidewall of the tire. If the tire tread is flush with the indicator then that means the tires are also at 2/32" and need replacing. These 2 simple tests for checking the life of your tires can be performed at any time with just the change in your pocket.

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